Reef Bumbiste

This is a beautiful position with very long and various wall which spreads over 200 meters.

During the diving, which as you wish may be on a depth to 20 meters or more, we are going around a few underwater capes with no end to holes and cliffs. Each of these is rich in colours and different life species.

The wall is inhabited with sponges, bryozoans, cnidarians and soft corals. You can come across numerous shoals of salema, white sea breams, damsel fish and other species of fish.

This position is suitable for all diving courses and all divers’ categories. One of the characteristics of this position is entering the sea just u few meters from the coast, what gives a special safety to diving.

Each of these capes gives a different feeling, visibility and other conditions.

Distance from diving centre: 15 min

Max. depth: 33 m

Min. depth: 5-8 m