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Diving centre Pula was founded in 2006. The centre itself is located in Tehnomont marina Veruda in Pula.

Rich underwater flora and fauna, as well as remains of sunken ships,  represent a challenge for divers researching and photographing the underwater world.

Scuba divers are offered opportunities to dive along the coast during both day and night, cave diving, deep-sea diving or wreck diving.

With Branislav (Dane) Danevski (UDI Instructor****, CMAS I2** underwater photography instructor, and HSA Course director), Jagoda Danevski (SSI AOW instructor, UDI-CMAS Instructor*** and HSA Instructor) and Vito Danevski (SSI OW instructor, UDI-CMAS Instructor*) the centre really can give professional guidance of different diving activities to a wide circle of interested people.

The centre offers not only discovery diving (a 1st-time dive for non-divers) and recreational diving, but also diving courses for all categories from Junior to Instructor. For special enthusiasts, the centre provides courses of underwater photography.

Both Dane and Jagoda are licensed instructors with HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association), and hold courses for Dive Buddies and Open Water Divers for people with disabilities according to the standards of HSA.


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SSI AOWI / CMAS M*** / UDI I*** / HSA instructor


CMAS M** / UDI I**** / HSA course director





Diving locations along the coast (reefs) are located 5 to 20 minutes from the centre, and 30 to 60 minutes if it’s a shipwreck where the depth usually doesn’t exceed 45 meters.

The centre has two boats, one of which has access suitable for handicapped people. There are complete sets of diving equipment, and 10, 12 and 15 l air tanks which can be filled with air or Nitrox.

This centre understands the lower standards of some, so all of the prices are lower than the usual prices.  It also offers weekend and one-week programmes, at even lower prices than the above mentioned.

The centre is also open to additional negotiations with instructors and clubs that plan on coming with numerous groups of divers.

The main policy of the centre is to work in smaller groups. That way, more safety and control can be provided.

There is also better mutual communication and cooperation between group members which results in a more powerful impression left after diving.

After acquiring a boat suited for handicapped people and finishing HSA courses, working with disabled people became one of the major activities of the centre – to improve the quality of life and health through diving and swimming programmes.